Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lil' Buckeroo Project part 5

The final post for this build, if you missed the other click on the links below:

Part One: introduction and the search for parts
Part Two: The stock
Part Three: The barreled action
Part Four: The Bolts

Final Assembly starts with the feed throat sleeve, I use the bolt to get it inserted.

After fully seating, it is a plastic/bakelite type material that is a dark brown color.

The screw on the bottom secures the feed throat in place

The front sight is installed

As is the rear sight

and elevator

The finishing touch is this Tasco 4 power x 15mm objective rimfire scope that came on a gun I bought a couple of years has been waiting for a home and now it has one.

The finished product:

 Before and After pictures:


Rifle: $20.00 a yard sale find, it was missing the trigger guard, sight elevator and bolt, the butt plate was also broken

Incorrect Bolt: bought for $25, sold for $40 = +$15

Correct Bolt(s): $67.50 from an ebay seller and a second one for $35 from the gun show, total cost = $102.50

Trigger Guard: $1.00 (came with a spare stock I bought at the gun show)

Sight Elevator: $4.30 from Gun Parts Corp 

Butt Plate: $0, re-purposed from an earlier project

Scope: $0, came on a gun I purchased 

Spare parts (trigger, trigger guard, screws etc..) $1
(the cost of the broken trigger guard and screws was refunded and I paid $1 for the receiver piece that had the trigger, spring, pin and screw)

the products and tools used to perform the work I already had, so we won't include those

I sold the additional parts I had purchased in ebay for: $24.99

I also sold the extra bolt that I refurbished for: $99.99

Total cost: $153.80 
recouped investment from the parts sold: $164.98 

I came out ahead on this gun by $11.18, you can't beat that!

I was able to take the gun out and test fire it, the rifle fed and ejected the shells as designed and we have good solid primer strikes.

That puts a wrap on this project, time to look for another one