Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Interesting Firearm Photos XIII

Ernst Hemingway and his son Jack, fishing aboard his boat Pilar, Hemingway was known to use his Thompson to shoot sharks.....I understand it all started when a shark took a bite of a trophy fish he was attempting to land....which then led to the purchase of the gun and a novel called The Old Man and the Sea

A behind the scenes shot of the filming of the Band of Brothers War Drama

I found it!....real evidence of that gun violins the left is always screaming about

Andreas Kieber, the last surviving soldier of Liechtenstein, posing in the Vaduz Castle in the 1930s. The country abolished its armed forces in 1868.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War march in Boston Common, 1970

The fake, wooden gun supposedly used by John Dillinger to escape from the Crown Point, Indiana Jail, March 3, 1934 

Soldiers of the 1st U.S. inf. Div. accompanied by a jeep patrolling the road to deserted Mortain, in the East of the main intersection in the village of Juvigny le Tertre (northwestern France). August 3, 1944.

Colorized photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald, November 24th, 1963

Sniper Lyuba Makarova on the Kalinin front, 1943

A pile of guns in Australia collected during the mandatory gun turn in/confiscation. The guns were destroyed. I'm not sure if that is a look of smugness or sadness....either way let this burn into your memories...

A mail box made to look like a 1911 pistol

Dirty Harry action figure, complete with shoulder holster and S&W .44 Magnum

A Ruger Hand Drill, this was the primer for the Ruger Standard Pistol, you can see the grip frame is very similar

An old magazine ad for surplus guns....check out the prices


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