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10/22 Tribute Guns

Continuing with our 10/22 theme this month...we bring you some 10/22 tribute guns. A tribute gun is one that has been disguised to look like a different gun. Underneath the facade is a basic 10/22, but thanks to some unique stocks and accessories, your 10/22 can become something else.

Perhaps the first 10/22 tribute gun came directly from Ruger. 

In 1966 Ruger added an "International" model to their catalog. It featured a Mannlicher style stock and sling mounts, sadly the model was unceremoniously removed from the catalog in 1969.
 Ruger brought it back in 1994, but those models had birch/laminate 2003 it again disappeared from the catalog.

More recently the nationwide distributor TALO, reintroduced the International model, this time with a beautiful checkered walnut stock. They became an instant collectors item.

Today Ruger does offer a Stainless/Laminate version of their International model, model #1132 is available from Sports South

One of the first aftermarket 10/22 tributes to come along was the M-1 Carbine. This seems to be a natural as the 10/22 and M-1 Carbine have a similar look and size.

This year Ruger will be teaming up with TALO to bring a factory Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine Tribute

They will be joining several suppliers like E. Arthur Brown Company that already produce kits and parts ala-carte.

E. Arthur Brown Company has all the parts you need:

Front & rear sights

The oiler & sling:

And of course the wood stock.

Sarco has these paratrooper style stocks for your 10/22-M1Carbine tribute
 They come with the barrel band/sling mount

 This tribute uses the M-1 Carbine barrel band/bayonet lug

E. Arthur Brown Company also offers these finned barrel kits for the 10/22, designed to be used with their Reising Tribute gun

They also have these magazine extensions to fit on your 10 round BX1 magazine

It appears that the finned barrels sold by EAB Co. come from Green Mountain Barrels
According to Green Mountain, they are 16" long and come with a set of Williams military style sights and machined Cutts compensator.  
You combine your Green Mountain Barrel kit with this Thompson kit from
 They come in "Chicago" and "Squad Leader" configurations

They offer the option of a dummy drum that connects to your 10 round BX1 magazine

If you are taking a more functional approach, you may want a 50 round drum magazine from Black Dog Machine

The Shooting Times profiled a 10/22 Garand build back in 2011

Kingston Armory is offering complete rifles based on the 10/22 design. Using steel receivers and real walnut they recreate the "Greatest Battle Implement ever devised"

 They also have an M1A version
This is a 10/22 in a M-14 chassis, complete with a BX1 magazine grafted to an M-14 magazine.
Another one:

Another obvious tribute conversion is to duplicate the look of the AR-15 rifle. Ruger produced a model called the SR-22 that featured an aluminum chassis, AR pistol grip and adjustable butt stock

 Troy Industries also offers an aluminum chassis/stock that resembles the AR platform

High Tower Armory  has this great bull-pup stock set that is a tribute to the FN PS90. They even come with a faux top mounted magazine.

A clever fellow named Hipshot on the Rimfire Central Forum created this 10/22 tribute to the late 1800s carbines. His mods include an extended mag release, removing the pistol grip, creating a straight stock. The fore ends barrel band was moved back and the stock shortened. Old school leaf style sight and a leather 1" sling rounds it out.

The same guy took this Charger pistol and built a custom stock to look like a Pirate pistol

Another version of the pirate pistol concept, also from the Rimfire Central forum

An SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) tribute


This 10/22 was made as a tribute to the modified M-1 Carbine used in the 1968 movie Planet of the Apes, see more here

 A screen shot from the movie
How about a M1918 BAR?

Here is one made to look like an AK-74 Krinkov rifle
 How about a tribute to the "Plains Rifle"? This guy built his 10/22 to look like a black powder rifle from the early 1800s

Here is a 10/22 disguised as a German MG-42 Sturmgewehr
 The Sportsman's Guide used to sell the kits

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