Friday, June 5, 2020

Theme Guns XII

We'll kick off this months theme guns with some ones dedicated to comic book characters

These first two are from Shark Coast Tactical

Here is the first one I have posted from Rehv Arms.

Whiskey Tango Firearms is responsible for the customized PS90 below

The ARRRR 15 from 603 Coatings in Center Barstead New Hampshire

Emerald Firearms built this .45 in commeration of #45

Autonomous Armory built this Texas themed AR

Rare Breed Firearms built these Sharp's Brothers ARs into full on Trojan/Spartan Warrior tribute

Dark Alliance Firearms built this rose themed AR

Another one from Whiskey Tango Firearms 

Another one from the guys at Shark Coast Tactical

Some more Star Wars themed guns

The guys and Stock Guns Suck built the Glock below

and we'll round this out with some more Tiffany & Co inspired guns

This first one is from Coatings USA 

Elite Weapon Refinishing in Ontario, California coated the Accu-Tek below.

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