Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Interesting Firearm Photos XXXXI

Let's get this party started with a picture that will give you cartridge envy....A .577 Nitro Express, next to the .22 CB rimfire

This is what we called a toy before America let a bunch of pussies make decisions

Old School.....

Santa pays a visit to Guadalcanal, Christmas 1942

The More you Know......

A man brings borscht to fighters during the Romanian Revolution, 1989

Don't step out of line when visiting Singapore….

American Sniper Team with their M82A1 Barrett Rifle

Women of the British Auxiliary Territorial Service unload Winchester rifles during WWII

The pictures posted above were found freely on the World Wide Web and have been credited where possible. They are being used for entertainment purposes under the fair use doctrine of section 107 of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. If you own the copyright to any of the images above and would like them credited or removed, please contact me immediately

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