Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Dan Wesson model 15 Project Part 3

If you missed parts one and two click on the links below

Part 1
Part 2

When we left off I had finished rebluing the steel parts and had just pulled them from the oil

Time to reassemble the gun

I'll start with the cylinder & crane

I had a slight hick-up with the crane detent screw, The owner was able to enlist the help of a machinist and a #12-40 tap

The original main spring had been cut, but we had a new one with the kit we bought from the factory

I used a nut driver to compress the main spring, then you use the longer side plate screw to trap the spring strut

function test

Then I greased the threads and screwed in the barrel using a .004" feeler gauge to set the gap

Before installing the Pachmayr grip, I greased the areas of the frame that touch the grip, to help prevent moisture from getting in between them


Before and after shots

On to the next project!

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