Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Dan Wesson model 15 Project Part 1

A friend of the blog purchased a group of revolvers and included was this Dan Wesson model 15 that is in need of some TLC.

Besides a refinish, the gun needed some internal work. The lockup was less than tight and it was missing at least one screw.

Here is what it looked like when he brought it to me

Step one is always disassembly

the cylinder stop is pretty worn, could be all or at least part of the cause of the sloppy lock up 

When unscrewing the ejector rod, always use wood in the vice and empty cartridges in the cylinder

Time to remove the old bluing and the rust with some Naval Jelly

After rinsing with cold water, the acid leaves a chalky residue

Some light clean up on the wire wheel and we can see what we have to work with

I ordered a new spring kit from CZ USA

and a new cylinder stop from a seller on ebay

Stand by for Part Two where we will begin polishing the metal for rebluing

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