Sunday, October 13, 2019

Interesting Firearm Photos XXXIV

A Kalashnikov and a PPSh-41 had a love child.......then it decided to piss off its parents by wearing Tapco clothes....

The Kara 21 Revolver Concept, see more here

Is this how Planet of the Apes got started? monkey with a rifle...

I found this in a box of ammo someone gave me, I guess someone was trying to cash in on the Obama/Hillary scare

A real piece of history, Colt model of 1873 Single Action Army serial number 1.....the very first production SAA!

New Zealand soldiers pose with a captured Mauser T-Gewehr anti-tank rifle near Grevillers, 1918.

Perhaps the most expensive pair of 1911 pistols ever made, the Big Bang set from Cabot guns, valued at $4.5 Million.

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