Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Dan Wesson model 15 Project Part 2

If you missed part one, click here

Now that the gun is apart and we have removed the rust and old bluing it is time to start sanding the metal

There is a little dent or pit near the crane mount, also I noticed the side plate wasn't flush with the frame at all the mating locations, so I sanded them even

Starting with 100, 150 or 220 grit depending on the pitting

This is a 400 grit surface, the pits are 99% gone

I also noticed a rough edge where the cylinder latch meets the frame, so I cleaned that up as well

I then started on the other side of the frame

 The back of  the frame needed a little work too

Here is a 5000 grit finish

Then I started in on the barrels

Here are the parts after a soak in the oil tank following the bluing process.

Stay tuned, in part 3 we will reassemble the gun and get some pictures in the day light

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