Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Savage-Stevens 325A Project Phase III Part 4

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When we left off I had just won an auction for a used replacement bolt.

Time to get the bolt cleaned up, reblued and installed in the rifle

An initial inspection revealed that it was missing the take-down pin, I had the one from my other bolt, but it was a bit too tight to get started

so I broke out my supply of pin stock

I found one that fit snug, but was a bit too long, so I filed it flush

After polishing the bolt's bare metal surfaces and oiling it, the project is complete. I topped it off with the "Super Sling" that came on my Arisaka project from a few years ago.

Before and After pictures

Costs for the project:

  • Rifle cost: $10 + tax = $10.96
  • Magazine: $15 (used)
  • Front take-down screw/sling stud: $4.22
  • Rear sling stud: $1.43
  • Replacement Ejector Spring: $2.70
  • Replacement Stock: $1
  • Recoil Pad: $1
  • Sling: $0 (came on another gun)
  • Replacement Bolt: $60.45

Subtotal: $96.76

Sale of old bolt and parts: -$74.99

Total investment: $21.77

Phase I (Post Apocalyptic) pictures

Phase II (Camo thumbhole) pictures

One final picture, this project along with Project Deer Stalker

On to the next project!

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