Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Savage-Stevens 325A Project Part 3

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Next we will add the chainsaw bumper strike bar to the bottom of the stock, this will be for giving the zombies, goblins or whomever is your antagonist a butt stroke to the head, ribs or groin....in case you don't know what I am talking about, see the diagram below

I got out the dremel and cut a couple of slots for the mounting tabs to fit in

The fit was tight, but I needed a way to attach it, something that a person living in the post apocalyptic World would use..

Some stainless safety wire!

The wire had an obvious potential to snag a post apocalyptic beard, so I used some tacks and a cut up portion of some plaid pajamas

Next I will add the strap to the forend, this will help protect the shooters hand during close combat and provide a better purchase on the firearm, I was looking for material for the strap, I was thinking an old leather belt or a nylon luggage strap....then I spotted some plumber's tape in my shop

I added the spikes (plumbers tape already has holes..) and attached it. The front escutcheon was missing from this stock (I used it on the walnut stock for the Deer Stalker Project) so I rounded up a 1/4-28 bolt and some rusty washers to attach the front barrel band. Lastly I added more grip tape as the metal would dig into my hands.

The finishing touch will be the front sight. While I have the front sight, it is common to loose them and in a dystopian world without gun parts supply houses..you will have to improvise when you loose one.
I cut a piece of fluorescent plastic & put a slot in it 

and attached it to the barrel with an old fuel line hose clamp

and finished....

 The front site is far too fragile, if I use this material again I will have to find a way to reinforce it

Some additional pics

.... on to the next project!

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