Monday, April 8, 2019

The Savage-Stevens 325A Project Part 2

If you missed part 1 click here

The pictures of the laminated thumbhole stocks got me interested in making one. 

but I was also very intrigued by the Post Apocalyptic rifle....

Since I have two stocks, I decided to do both. I will use the stock from my 325C for the Post Apocalyptic build.

Then I will attempt to build a custom thumb-hole stock by adding pieces of Poplar to the comb and grip areas of the stock that came with my 325A.

Then I will sand everything down to apply a camo paint job.

If I fail at both of these, I can always find a walnut stock, replace the bolt handle and strip and reblue the steel.

First Step: fixing the mechanical issue(s)

There was only one that I found, that is the ejector spring.

Gun Parts Corp supplied me with a new spring, here it is next to the broken one.


I tested it with an empty shell, it works as designed, you can see it poking through the receiver below as soon as the bolt passes it

Next step: Collecting the parts & pieces

Here is the stock I am using, it is the one that came on the 325C (the Deer Stalker Project). It is cracked and I wasn't sure if I could repair it well enough, so for this build I will re-enforce it post apocalyptic style. It already has the look of desperation.....

The cracks at the wrist, I will find a creative, yet crude way to reinforce them

The butt plate is worn and there is a chunk already looks like it has been through hell

I was lucky enough to find a used factory magazine at the gun show for $15

I wanted to add something similar to the rake that the gun above has, I was thinking of building a custom trigger guard that included a knuckle duster.....something similar to this

Then I found this bumper strike bar from a chain saw in a pile of junk in my Father's garage and thought it would work perfect for this project. I will mount this to the bottom of the butt stock, for when you need to butt stroke a goblin in the face....that didn't sound the way I thought it know what I mean.

I bought some spikes to use on the project, I think I will make a hand strap for the forend out of an old leather belt, then add the spikes to it.


Next step, fix the crack in the stock.

In the old days they would use a piece of brass sheet, well during an apocalypse that would be hard to come by, but not aluminum.....

I used TiteBond glue to fill the cracks 

I spread the crack apart and forced as much glue into the crack as I could. 

While the glue was drying I started on the aluminum reinforcement plate, using a 2x4 as a buck, I pounded, bent and cut the plate to fit

I will use these copper brads to install it....old school


 Then I trimmed down the ends of the brads that went into the inletted area with a file

Then I wrapped the wrist area with grip tape

I also glued the nose tip as it had a couple of cracks

Stay tuned for part 3

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