Sunday, April 14, 2019

April 15th, 2019 - National Buy a Gun Day

A short post today to remind you that April 15th, the favorite day the Democrat's calendar is also National Buy a Gun Day.

This goes back  to quote by President Ronald Reagan when he said that "Republicans believe everyday is the 4th of July, but Democrats believe everyday is April 15th". 

The Democrats have long held an anti-gun stance, which has now become part of the Socialist agenda.

Let's take this day back by using hard earned dollars on an investment in America's future. You will be stimulating the economy, helping your local businessman and providing for the security of a free state.

To help you out many arms makers are holding sales or offering rebates.

Savage is offering 10% back

Beretta is in the game with $75 rebate on the APX pistol

Browning participates every year, this year they are offering 8% back on the purchase of any Browning firearm

Daniel Defense is offering a very Vortex Red Dot with the purchase of any new Daniel Defense AR pistol

FN has two promotions this tax season, rebates on the FNS-9 pistol and the FN-15 rifle

As well as free magazines with the purchase of the Five-Seven, FNX-45 and FN 509 pistols

Winchester is joining in by offering $25 back on any Super X pump Shotgun

Sig Saur is giving away two free 21 round mags with the purchase of a P320-M17

Sig's second promotion is $50 credit in the Sig Store with the purchase of a P320 pistol

Remington's offer is pretty damn good, $100 back with the purchase of select Remington firearms

Even Kahr Arms is getting in on the fun, offering $45 rebate on any new Kahr pistol

For more information visit Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore or the respective manufacturer's websites.

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