Thursday, February 16, 2017

Interesting Firearm Photos VI

A Police Officer walks past the car  used by Larry Phillips and Emil Mătăsăreanu following their attempted robbery and subsequent shootout with the police, Emil's body lies under the white sheet. The place was North Hollywood, the date was February 28th, 1997

The 1963 prototype for the GI Joe action figure

The UC9 Sub-machine gun, it was built to resemble a portable radio when folded up. UC stood for Under Cover, but it was also the initials of the designer: Utah Conner. The gun evolved into other models including the Magpul FMG9

....and the award for the weirdest gun advertisement ever goes to.....

Two Australian soldiers with their Owen Sub-machine guns, Island of New Britain, April 1945

Patent drawings for the Colt Paterson revolver, patented Feb. 25th 1836

How about these for gun transportation? Notice the Sheriff's vehicle in the background....taking a close look at the photos reveal that the gun is a replica.

A U.S. Soldier guarding captured weapons, somewhere in Europe, sometime during WWII

The ad taken out for Billy the Kid's capture by Territorial Governor Lew Wallace, New Mexico Territory May 1881

And here is aging former western movie star William S. Hart showing Robert Taylor his authenticated pistol once owned by outlaw Billy the Kid (in 1941).

The very first Savage model 1907 45 ACP pistol, it went to auction at the Rock Island Auction Co in 2014. The gun is not stainless nor nickel plated, it is bare steel.

This gold plated AK-47 was among several such adorned weapons found after the capture of Saddam Hussein's Presidential Palace

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