Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dan Wesson model 14-2 reblue part 3

If you missed them, see parts 1 here and 2 here

When we left off we needed to finish prepping the small parts and blue the gun.

We got the parts blued, they are covered in oil waiting to be re-assembled. I didn't see any of the plum hue, but that may come with age...

While the parts were soaking I decided to try and clean up the grips.
The checkering on the grips was so worn, it could be seen, but not felt, so I tried to clean them up with a 90 degree single cut checkering tool, it was tough to follow the lines as they were really shallow, and the spacing was different then my cutter/follower tool.

The two side plate screws (Allen head cap screws) were a little buggered up, so I ordered some new ones. These are a #3-48 screw, one is 1/4" long, the other 1/2" long.

Done, the grips didn't turn out the best, but I was pressed for time, you can feel the checkering now....providing some "gription"

No more number 52

 As always the rolls marks are preserved, the white stuff is carnuba wax

Before and After:

and finally a comparison with a factory finished model 14