Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I thought I would make my 1st post of the new year an update of past blog posts.

I continued to update my post on the Zombie Gun craze, as well as the personalized Zombie Guns and Themed guns.

The girly pink gun craze is not over and the manufacturers have continued to add additional color options like yellow, purple and white. I suppose we should have expected as much from products designed for women (does this gun match my shoes???)........... I'm sorry perhaps that was a bit sexist....but this is the fastest growing segment of the gun market and it makes you wonder, where will it end?

I finished a couple of projects, the long awaited completion of the Winchester model 1906, Father & Son project and the Ruger Mark I "Redemption for an unloved gun" was completed and returned to its surprised owner.

I reblued the barrel on the Savage/Stevens .410 shotgun from my "Another Shotgun Followed me Home" post. I posted an update to my "Polishing Your Gun" post, although once you tackle something like polishing a stainless steel gun, I'm not sure it is ever "done"

Finally I received the three gun books that were on my wish list for Christmas (Christmas Ideas for the gun nut). I'll provide a book review once I have had a chance to throughly peruse them.

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