Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another shotgun followed me home

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Another shotgun followed me home. This is a Savage/Stevens model 94C single shot .410 gauge shotgun. The barrel could use a re-bluing and the trigger guard is broken, but otherwise it is in great shape.

I'll probably start with a reblue of  the barrel and then refinish the wood. I'll start the search for the trigger guard (which is plastic).

Here is what it looks like now

Since I have some guns to reblue, I decided to strip and polish the barrel now, even though I may not get to the rest of the gun for awhile

The metal has been blued, I will work on finding a trigger guard and refinishing the wood

I found an aftermarket trigger guard from Numrich Arms also known as Gun Parts Corp.
Before fitting it to the gun I had to remove the existing remnants of the old plastic trigger guard.

The rear screw was easy to remove, but the front one required accessing a screw that is on the inside of the receiver. I removed the stock, the bolt as was expected was rusty and a little stuck
 The entire mechanism was pretty dry. I removed the upper pin (not sure if that was required or not) and cocked the hammer to access the front trigger guard screw through the gap in front of the hammer.
 Once I removed the two broken pieces I could pre-fit the new metal trigger guard.
 I found the new trigger guard didn't quite fit the receiver's contours. I used my padded vice to make minor adjustments to make it line up.
 Once I got the bends right, the trigger was just touching the trigger guard, a bit of a tap with a brass punch made enough clearance.
 Finished! I haven't decided yet if I will refinish the wood yet.
 I think I will test fire the gun next, before making up my mind.

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