Thursday, September 24, 2020

Theme Guns XIV


We'll kick this post off with some Star Wars themed guns....

HD Custom Finish did the first one here, giving it a distressed look

Whiskey Tango is responsible for the Sig pistol below, you can find them in Sarasota Florida, website link here

I never understood the Hello Kitty thing.....but here are a couple girly pistols dedicated to the Japanese Cat

A few WWII fighter/bomber inspired guns, this first one uses the Sharps Bros Hellbreaker receiver, it is from the folks at KO Customs

This Sharps Bros Hellbreaker based AR is from Gears of Guns

The comic book themed ones haven't gone out of fashion yet either.

The Tiffany theme seems to remain popular with the are a few more

Some more sport themed guns...

A couple of money themed guns..

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