Monday, June 7, 2021

Stevens model 73 Refinish part 1

Strange how the world works....I had never seen (or at least do not remember) a Steven model 73 before owning I have a second one on my bench.
See my first Stevens model 73 project here

This one belongs to my adopted grandfather, he got it from a relative and upon inspection found that it would not eject. We also noticed that someone had painted the metal parts, in addition there was some corrosion being hidden by the paint.
He asked me to re-blue the barrel and fix the ejection issue.

Here is what the gun looked like when he brought it to me:

I plan to disassemble the rifle, re-blue the barrel, bolt, trigger and take down screw, then repair/replace the ejector

First step is always disassembly, one screw holds it all together

Behold the gunk.....the reason most .22 rifles fail to function

not sure if someone had tried to remove the front site or if the scratches were from storage

The steel trigger is rusty

I used the wire wheel, to mimic the semi-flat finish the factory put on the gun

These parts just needed cleaning

These two screws hold the trigger guard and bolt housing/receiver to the barrel

cleaning up the take-down screw

the rear sight got the same treatment as the other small parts

 Time to clean up the barrel

The bore is shiny and you can see lands and grooves

the barrel after removing the paint, rust and old bluing

Stay tuned for part 2

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