Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Few Quick Repairs

Repair #1: a new to me Ruger P90 pistol had an odd burr on the top of the magazine well where it transitions to the feed ramp

I removed the slide and inserted the magazine to make sure this was really a problem, you can see the burr is right at the top of the magazine. The case rim might never touch this, but it won't take long to fix.

a little work with a stone and some oil

then polish with the Dremel, I also polished the barrel feed ramp while I was at it

No more burr

Repair #2: My Daughter's boyfriend had purchased this late production model 94 Trapper (saddle ring carbine) and it came with the butt plate that looked like it was installed on a Friday at 4:59pm...

After looking at other model 94s and several Winchester butt plates we came to the conclusion that we were better off re-installing this butt plate and fitting the wood to it.

First step is to plug the old holes, which were stripped out anyway due to the use of the wrong screws by a previous owner

After the glue cures we cut the dowels and sand them flush

Then do our best to get the butt plate as close to centered as possible

We used the heel as the top point and decided to remove wood from the toe, it is easier to blend than the comb 

After several coats of Tru-oil, it is finished

I even found some correct slotted oval head screws....

Before and after picture

Repair #3: I had made a repair earlier to this cool old canvas gun case. The plastic handle had gotten brittle and broke. I used a steel roll pin and some JB weld to make the repair.

Well it broke up higher, the plastic is too far gone to save

So I ordered up some replacements on ebay

The new ones were a little on the short side, but they were only a couple of bucks each, so I thought I would take the gamble.

I drilled out the rivets 

Then removed the steel rings from the gun case and opened them up a little

The first one installed, but it is a little tight

So I turned the rings side ways, I lost a little finger room, but it will only be tight if I am wearing gloves.

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  1. I had a similar frame battering on my favorite 1911 after many thousands of rounds using Chip McCormick magazines.
    It seams the eight round follower would contact the frame on the last shot and eventually made an indentation.