Saturday, February 10, 2018

Marlin model 1893 Project part 8

Part 8 of this restoration, see the other posts here

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With the metal work 90% done, I went to see Trevor at Hyperion Precision to have the roll marks re-engraved. If you remember in part 5 we documented the location and condition of the roll marks. 
I provided Trevor the pictures of perfect roll marks I found online. Trevor has a way to "transform" any image into a vector graphic that his laser machine can use.

Here is the metal being re-engraved with a laser:

Here is what the new engraving looks like. You can see in some places the original roll marks do not quite line up with the older ones, but no worries, when I am done sanding only the new engraving will be seen

I also had him add the 30-30 designation on the barrel, it was not on the barrel when the gun was brought to me, I have no idea as to why.

While waiting to get the engraving done, I nitre blued the forearm cap screws and the butt plate screws (along with some for Project Deer Stalker)

I went ahead and installed the butt plate

The barrel and receiver are now blued and ready to assemble

Here is a quick before and after comparison of the roll marks

Before reassembling the gun I needed to blue the small parts:

Now we just need to reassemble the rifle, stay tuned for part 9