Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tincanbandit's Wish List

It's Christmas time again, and if you grew up like I did (in the 70's or earlier) you looked forward to that special catalog from Sears & Roebuck.....

My Brother & I would pour over the pages, like drooling dogs, looking at all the toys we would ask Santa to bring us. Of course we never did get everything we asked for, but in the excitement of the day we totally forgot about the toys we didn't get.

It's too bad we have to grow up isn't it? 

This is the topic of this post:

If Santa could bring you guns, what would you ask for?

Here are the guns, if Santa were so inclined, that I would like to add to my collection. 

In no particular order:

S&W 500 Magnum Bone Collector. I like un-fluted cylinders & long barrels on my revolvers. I am also a fan of big bore revolvers and this bad boy has all three.

Another big bore revolver with an unfluted cylinder: The somewhat rare Colt .44 Magnum Kodiak 

Someday I would like to get an FN FAL, "The Right Hand of the Free World"

Another large gun, the gold, tiger-striped, Desert Eagle in .50 AE...Why? I know it's gaudy and should probably be on my 'ridiculist' but nothing says "Get off my porch!" like a huge gold gun....
I am actively looking for a good deal on a Ruger New Vaquero Montado in .45 Colt, high polish stainless with the birds head grip
I have for a long time wanted a Winchester model 1885 High Wall in 45-70 Govt., with the crescent butt plate, straight grip, Schnabel fore end, octagon barrel and color case receiver. These guns are simple yet elegant & refined, I don't think JMB could have made it any more beautiful.

M1928 Thompson with the 50 round drum...
completely impractical, heavy and expensive to shoot..... but what a conversation starter!
 Ruger Mark II in stainless with the 10" bull barrel

While we are dreaming....might as well go BIG: a Barret M82A1 .50 BMG Rifle
An early, pinned & recessed model 29 Smith & Wesson with 6" barrel. 
Dirty Harry style......

 A Navy Arms Remington Rolling block in 45-70 with the octagon barrel, color case frame, Brass trigger guard, Schnabel fore end and crescent butt plate

Another old west gun, the S&W Schofield, it could be a new production S&W, an original S&W or an Italian copy any of them would be just fine.

I have always liked the look of the little North American Arms revolvers, they look like an old gambler's or a saloon girl's pocket gun. 
When they introduced the top break Ranger model, I decided I would have to have one, but with only 560 of them out there, I fear I may never get one.......Hey North American Arms! Make this a standard catalog item please!

Another top break gun, the Webley would also make a nice addition to my collection

Winchester 1873, the gun that won the west!
Some day I would like to find a real German Luger, considered the greatest war trophy among US soldiers during WWII.
I would also like to have a Fitz Special Colt........engraved of course with real stag grips, it wouldn't have to be an original (very few of those)...
While I currently own one of the original Ruger .44 Carbines, I would really like to have one of the Deerfield Carbines that was made on the Mini-14's action
  The DP-12 double barrel, pump shotgun......who wouldn't?

Another Colt, the Series 70 Gold Cup National Match 1911 in high polish stainless steel....again, who wouldn't?
A Single Action 45 "Open Range" revolver from Turnbull manufacturing....an absolutely stunning finish on these guns
After getting to shoot one of these guns, I want one....The Mossberg 930 Semi-auto Shotgun, Jerry Miculek "JM Pro edition"

Don't ask me why, but I have always wanted to add one of these to my collection....the S&W Model 61 Escort, nickel plated with the faux mother of pearl grips
The IMI Timberwolf in .44 Mag....it would round out my .44 Magnum collection nicely
A gun made for the Space Age era of the mid 50's to late '60s....The Whitney Wolverine...nickle plated of course

What's on your wish list?

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  1. Just pack 'em all up for me. Great gifts for me everyone.

  2. I don't know anything about guns. I just like them. I don't even own one yet. Well, not "really." I have a list of 2. First, A Walker Colt. Nothing else will do. Uberti, of course. Second, a 1911. An original Colt version would be nice. I like icons.

    Sure do like a lot of those on your list. Bully!