Friday, June 7, 2013

More "group bluing"

I offered up a chance for members of my local gun forums to participate in some gun bluing.
Myself along with another member are hosting an event in which people will be able to participate by prepping their guns ahead of time and bringing them to the event to be blued,  where we will also be having a meet & greet and BBQ.

Once word got out we had plenty of people wanting to blue their guns and parts.

My Dad's 1906 Winchester (see the post labeled "Father & Son Project") along with a custom Remington 1917 rifle (that just received a new .375  Whelen barrel courtesy of Riflesmith Dan Cowen) and my neighbor's Ruger Security Six revolver will be going into the salt bath.

Here is the 1917 Remington before we started prepping the metal, at this point I just removed the old bluing on the receiver with naval jelly.

My neighbors gun wasn't in that bad of shape so we decided to just blue the cylinder since it wasn't so nice

I forgot to take before pics, I was in a bit of a hurry as the clock was ticking and the bluing event was the next morning....

here it is finished, it is not perfect, but looks a lot better than before

Here is the 1917 Remington after bluing

Here is the S&W Model 19 (click here to see my other post "another S&W")

Here is my Dad's 1906 Winchester (see my other post entitled "Father & Son Project")

I also reblued my Dad's Single Six, here is a crappy picture of what it looked like before
 The gun was made in 1959, my Dad acquired the gun sometime in the mid sixties, It is the 1st hand gun (maybe the 1st gun) I ever shot. We had sent it back to Ruger in the early 90's to have the transfer bar safety installed, the hammer, trigger and screws were in great condition, so I left them be.

I had a good aluminum ejector rod housing (I ordered a new steel one for my Super Blackhawk project), I reblued the steel, giving it a satin finish. The grip frame is aluminum, so I polished it like the special edition Single Sixes produced for various anniversaries.