Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another S&W

my reputation is allowing me to work on some pretty nice guns. This time it is an older "Pinned & Recessed" Model 19 Smith & Wesson. The finish was less than perfect, here are the before pics

 after dis-assembly & de-greasing I used naval jelly to remove the finish

This looks like I destroyed the gun, the acid leaves a crusty like finish on the metal.

The wire wheel removes the scale left by the acid


 the polish with the buffer

next I hand polish, using Mother's Mag & chrome polish, this removes the fine swirls and scratches

before it is ready I will probably have 10-12 hours in sanding & polishing

In addition to the outside, I also polished the hinge on the crane and the lock-up ramp. This makes opening & closing the crane much smoother. I will also smooth the inside of the lock work (the area that the internal parts come in contact with), this will smooth up the trigger pull without touching the hammer, sear or trigger mating surfaces.

Here is the gun after bluing. I let it soak in oil and will wait 24 hrs or more before reassembling the gun. It looks really good, only a couple of small spots that aren't quite perfect.

Finished, again I am better at working on guns than taking pictures