Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something for the Hoplophobes

A fellow WaGunner (Doc Nugent) has started a new project and is dedicating it to the most afflicted of all hoplophobes: Diane Feinstein

Here is his page, he is starting with a Marlin Papoose (take down .22 rifle)

anyways, here is my 10-22 that has every evil feature they do not like. I even mounted a universal bayonet lug (once I found the flash hider I installed was the same diameter as an AR milspec one) so I could mount an M-7/M-9 Bayonet. The only thing that could make this more evil (in their eyes) is a suppressor.

Standard Ruger 10-22 (newer one with the matte finish)
Butler Creek Folding Pistol grip stock
UTG Barrel Shroud (you know "that thing that goes up") quad rail/scope mount
Leapers 3-9x42 scope
Knights Armament Vertical Fore Grip
Universal Bayonet Lug (not sure of mfg)
Flash Hider (Eagle brand I think)
Imperial M-7 Bayonet
Ruger BX-25 Magazine

the internal mods are a KIDD bolt buffer (which I highly recommend) and a polish job on the internals

Kidd Bolt Buffer

Internal polishing instructions: 10-22 Action Job
click on the pics for larger versions

December 2013 update: I just finished installing a new ATI Strike Force Stock on my 10-22, this is what it looks like now (in the eyes of the Hoplophobe):