Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Mauser Sporter Project Part 1

New Project. This one is already started but needs someone like me to get it to the finish line. The stock appears to be Richard's Microfit, probably maple

It appears to be a Mauser 98 contract receiver and bolt, it has a Nazi swastika on the side of the receiver, perhaps a Nazi captured rifle? I don't know enough about Mausers to make any educated guesses. The barrel is aftermarket, chambered in .270 Winchester.

If you look close you can see a swastika stamped into the receiver ahead of the hand stamped serial numbers, not sure if this is legit though...

There is also a Buehler style two position safety that I will need to install and a vintage Redfield scope.

Here are the steps we will take to get this gun finished:

  • Fit the action to the stock
  • Perform function tests/check the bore and chamber
  • Finish the metal parts including
    • Slim the trigger guard
    • Slim and blend the rear tang to the stock
    • perform a 1200 grit polish
    • Blue the metal parts
  • Finish the stock, including:
    • Installing sling swivel studs
    • Free float the barrel channel
    • Install and fit the recoil pad
    • Sand and possibly stain the stock
    • Apply a hand rubbed oil finish

I looked at the parts that came with it to see if I needed to order anything additional. The first thing I noticed was the recoil pad, the previous owner provided a size large, which is a little too large for this stock. What I mean by that, is the area that is safe to grind to fit is too large for the profile of thise stock. If I tried to fit it, the recoil pad may fall apart as I would probably remove too much material.

So I ordered a Pachmayr F325 Deluxe Field Recoil Pad, Grind to Fit with Stippled Face, in size med, color brown from Midway USA:

I also ordered the correct screws with locking screws to fit our military trigger guard/floor plate, they are made by Forester, supplied by Midway USA

I could have attempted to weld up the locking screw holes and recesses, but I like the look of the locking screws....old school tech.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I've never seen such a swastika on a german made 98. It looks very chinese for my eyes, the serial number, too.
    Joe from Germany