Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Smith & Wesson model 27 Project Part 1

This classic Smith & Wesson made it to my bench in need of a freshening up. The gun has some finish degradation as well as an offensive graffiti on the side of  the frame.

First we will identify the model and production era. According to my 3rd Edition of the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson: the revolver is an N frame model 27-2 Square Butt .357 Magnum. It has a pinned 3.5" barrel, recessed chambers, serrated 10 groove back and fore strap, .265" grooved service trigger and .400" checkered semi-target hammer. 

The model 27-2 was introduced in 1961, in 1968 the stocks lost the diamond in the center and in 1969 an "N" was added to the serial number prefix. In 1979 the 3.5" barrel option was eliminated and in 1982 the model 27-3 was introduced.

This gun has the N prefix, so we can guess it was made between 1969 and 1979, based on the sight and the checkering on the top strap, I would guess this to be made in the early part of that range.

The offending graffiti that we will need to remove. This used to be common practice, in fact Law Enforcement used to promote it.....I did a write up on it, see that page here

The sight and top strap are checkered rather than just bead blast like the later models.

First step is disassembly, I separate the parts into two groups, the parts that need to be reblued and everything else.

I then identify the problem areas, obviously we will be removing this graffiti

The previous owner also inscribed the number (driver's license #??) on the top of the cylinder window

The trigger guard is still shiny, but it is lightly pitted

both side of the muzzle have some holster wear and light pitting

as does the back of the frame

The side plate has a nasty scratch and some pitting

Stay tuned for part 2

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