Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The New Haven 250C Project part 2

If you missed part one, see it here

I decided to start with the stock, I used the belt sander to get the wood to butt plate close

Next I strip the old finish off with Citristrip finish remover

Slather it on and let the citirc acid do the work

Then scrape off, the finish wasn't very heavy, but you can see by the towels something was removed

I noticed the wood had some nice tiger stripes, I may leave this in its natural color and just coat it with Tru-Oil

I finished fitting the butt plate to the back of the stock

Then sanded the whole stock to 400 grit

In order to stain this hardwood we need to seal it first, this Zinsser Bulls Eye Seal Coat is supposed to be the bee's knees

After a generous coat of sealer, we wipe off the excess and let it dry

Then we started coating it with the stain, we are using the Minwax Walnut gel stain

After two coats of stain, it is difficult to not get streaks, I may have to strip it back down. Staining non walnut stocks is the hardest part of these restorations.

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