Friday, November 17, 2017

Grip Panels for your 1911

Warning: some pictures are NOT SAFE FOR WORK

The venerable 1911 pistol celebrated its 100th birthday a few years back and is about as popular as a pistol could be. You are hard pressed to find a gun maker that doesn't make a 1911.

As a result there are thousands upon thousands of 1911 grip panels to choose from. They have been made from every known suitable material on this planet....

To prove my point, I present the Cosmos 1911 from Cabot Guns, the grips are made from a chunk of the Gibeon Meteorite which crashed to Earth 4.5 Billion years ago (as old as the Earth itself...). The metals contained in the meteorite chunk, were forged together when they met terra firma.....creating a weird pattern. They also made a pair of guns from the material.

These starburst pattern grips are made from Camel bone, get them from SGM Grips

Clever Firearms has dozens of designs for your 1911, these ones stuck out...... I may have to order a pair of these

The Pachmayr American Legend series now has colored laminate options, they mix the beauty of wood and the soft rubber material Pachmayr is famous for.

Artist Dan Chinnock hand crafted these from Siberian Mammoth Tooth Ivory, inlaid into aluminum. They are breath taking....see his work here

Grips by Larry offers these green Krinite grip panels on Amazon

Something that was popular with WWII soldiers was lexan or Plexiglas grip panels, allowing the owner to put a picture of their sweet heart in them. TJ's Custom Gun Works made these ones, along with opened up magazines so you can see if you still have boolits in your mags.

These perforated aluminum grips are from, They come in plain aluminum or black, you can also leave the back open or add a backing plate.

The crew at Cold Dead Hands had master engraver Mike Martyn create these beauties, it is supposed to represent your skeleton in cold dead hands...

This gun supposedly once belonged to drug King Pin El Chapo..

These custom grip panels from the Gun Goddess are called the "Annie Oakley"

1911 Grips Now has these ones with a built in mag funnel

Harold Chrismon makes some pretty sick 1911 grip panels including these skull grips with glass eyeballs
Dajim Gun Grips offers these grip panels inlaid with mother of pearl

If you own a Ruger SR1911 and would like to upgrade your grips, you can get these Eaglewings Cocobolo grips at

Gunner Products offers Giraffe Bone grips like the pair below:

I would be remiss if I don't mention G10 grips, G10 is a material that descended from the old Westinghouse Micarta and is very popular these days, these ones are from VZ Grips

Collins Wood Crafting offers these grip panels made from Ram's horn

Are you a fan of the Big Lebowski? Ravenwood Grips is selling these ones dedicated to Walter Sobchak....

Magpul is now offering their MOE grip texture on 1911 panels, you can see them at Soldier Systems

Stinger Paintball Designs makes these "gangster" panels:

I found these on ebay, made from burl maple and red resin

NC Ordnance makes a variety of grips for the 1911, including these ones with some artful nudes:

These ones are molded in pewter, they are said to be made by artist & grip maker Sidney Ryan

These unique grips were being offered by an ebay seller, they are made from green abalone, giraffe bone, brass and ebony.

For those of you who are fans of the Punisher series

Here are some additional ones I found via Google images, I just hope the last one is a photo-shopped picture....

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