Monday, April 24, 2017

The Ruger 10/22 LTR Project part 2

If you missed part one, see it here

While trying to find a way to attach the butt stock I came across this part in my parts bin, it is a Aero Precision barrel nut from our AR-10 Project. It was damaged and we had to replace it. 

The inside diameter of the barrel nut is almost exactly 1" and the aluminum tube slid in with the right amount of resistance. 
I can use the gas tube holes run screws through to the wood to anchor it and the 8 set screw holes should sufficiently hold the lightweight butt stock .

I purchased some 8-32 set screws to hold the barrel, as well as some 10-24 x 2.25" long screws and nutserts.

The nutserts measure approx. .270" in diameter, so I will used a 9/32" drill bit (.28125") or maybe a bit bigger? 5/16" would be .3125", I'll use JB Clear Weld epoxy to anchor them into the wood  

Checking the length of the 10-24 cap screws, they will need to be shortened

Checking the fit of the grip and sling plate

Here is the stock we plan on using, you can see it is a little beat up.

Using my Hoplophobe project stock as a guide, I measured 17" from the barrel band notch, marked a line and cut the butt stock off...the first cut is always the hardest

I also marked the stock for what I though was the most logical place for a forward grip and cut it.

I measured the stock and found it to be just shy of 2" wide (1.91"-1.94") and about 2" tall (from bottom of stock to the top of the back part of the receiver. As you can see it tapers pretty quickly at the grip, I will cut most of the remaining grip off and replace with new wood.

I cut the stock back a bit farther and also cut out some Pine trim boards that are 2.5" wide by 3/4" thick, I cut into 2 x 2.5" sections then glued to the stock. This will be the base for the barrel nut to (which is 1.8" across). 

Then I roughed up the surfaces and glued them together

First round of body filler, not for looks as we will be covering the the stock with aluminum panels, but I want the panels to have even support

Now that we have the stock cut and the new wood glued on, time to start fitting the pieces.

I measured the distance from the trigger face to the rear of the grip on my 10/22 ATI stock, it is about 2 1/2"

I attached the grip anchor to the sling plate using JB Weld

Based on my measurements taken from my ATI stock, I marked the area I needed to inlet

 Then removed the wood

JB Weld was again used to attach the anchor and plate to the wood. I put some clay in the end of the grip anchor to prevent the threads from getting sealed up


Stay tuned for part 3