Monday, June 20, 2016

The Hoplophobe 10/22 Project part 2

If you missed part one of this build, see it here

In our last installment we built the pistol grip and cut the stock to make room for it.

 I attached the grip by drilling a hole just in the top of the wrist at an angle. I also used Elmer's wood glue to make the two pieces one.
 I then mixed up some more glue/saw dust to fill the gaps
 I glued the small piece on top of the comb and filled in the gaps there as well
I continued to remove material on the bottom side of the butt stock, I wanted to make the angle straighter and also make room for the shooter's wrist.

I started smoothing out the top of the comb
 You can see we will need to fill in the area behind it
First coat of body filler, looks like cake batter....doesn't smell like it though!
 first round of sanding the body filler

Second round of body filler
After mucho sanding, applying filler and sanding again, we have it close enough go to the primer

I wanted the stock to be tactical black, this means satin or flat. 
I picked up some Rust-oleum satin black and some of their 2-in-1 primer, which will help hide sanding marks

After the 1st application of primer, I'll go over it and check for boo boos and then sand and apply more coats
I am really pleased with the transition on the comb, not only is it smooth, but it looks pretty symmetrical

I circled the areas that needed help with a sharpie.

Then sanded and applied another thin layer of body filler. 

After one last coat of primer, I painted the stock with 3 coats of satin black, followed by two thin coats of matte clear

The pistol grip fits my hand perfectly (it ought to, my hand was the model!)

I am really happy with the way the comb turned out

I then installed the barreled action, the barrel shroud, muzzle break and sling.

Tah Dah! every hoplophobes nightmare


Here is my rifle compared to the one by Hipshot that inspired this build

That wraps up this project, on to the next one.