Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 22nd: National Day of the Cowboy 2017

The 4th Saturday of July is designated as National Day of the Cowboy. Cities all over America are holding celebrations to honor what once was a dangerous (and not so glamorous) occupation.
There is something about the old west that still draws people in. The independent spirit, the danger, the unknown, the unlimited possibilities are just some of the reasons we have countless books, movies and even dedicated periodicals like True West Magazine.
Collectors pine for a piece of the history, Cowboy Action Shooters relive the famous shootouts and authors continue to find untold stories to write about.

The old west (1865-1905) came along during a weird time. Technology was advancing rapidly, but the logistics of getting new technologies out to the frontier often meant that those living out west had to wait months for them to arrive or do without.
In 1880 New York City and Dodge City looked as if they could be 100 years apart. You needed to be tough and self motivated to make it in the west. This is what lured Teddy Roosevelt and others: to see what they were made of.

At any rate today we celebrate a part of our history that hopefully will never be forgotten.

If you hadn't noticed, this months theme is Single Action Revolvers. I figured I would use this post to list links to all my previous Cowboy gun related projects and posts.

Here they are, in no particular order: 

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