Friday, May 19, 2017

A Tribute to the Richardson Guerrilla Gun part 3

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Now was the time to make the fore-grip. I had my buddy weld a 3/8" bolt to the barrel.

I found this piece of red oak in my scrap wood pile that was 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 6", perfect for a fore grip. 

I had to go back to the pictures to see how the originals were made, they appear to have about a 15 degree cant to them

I cut the wood to 15 degrees

Then drilled the hole with a 12" 5/6" drill bit and counter sunk it to clear the welded bolt head

I began fitting it to my hand and the barrel

final shape achieved

Test fit

The nut is visible (slight miscalculation..) but it is not too obtrusive, I may start over with another piece, but for now we'll keep it

Time to strip the old finish off the stock, I coated the wood with Citristrip

Unfortunately the Citristrip didn't do much except remove the varnish or poly top coat, so time to break out the sandpaper and elbow'll notice I leave the butt pad in place, this prevents rounding of the edge 

60 grit paper is what did the trick, the finish was pretty damn tough. The Beeman emblem is inletted into the stock, I will leave it and maybe find something to cover it with

The butt pad was sanded with the wood, the fit is nice and tight now

Time to build our trigger-safety. I had this trigger from an old JC Higgins bolt action shot gun, it came with the pin and return spring. I will attempt to build some brackets to attach it to the receiver and then cut a slot for the triggers sear to fit in.

I found these small pieces of aluminum angle, I cut one in half and made two pieces

Then drilled holes and began fitting to the trigger

I then broke out the Dremel tool and cut a slot in the receiver

I trimmed down the angle pieces to fit inside the stock 

Then JB welded them in place.

I knew the fit would be close and when installed the trigger made contact with the trigger guard when in its fully forward position, so I trimmed it with the Dremel tool

Stay tuned for part 4