Wednesday, June 29, 2016

More Theme Guns

A few years back I made a post about guns that were designed and/or painted using a theme....(see it here) the trend has not lost its steam and after updating the original post a few times I decided to start another one.

Here are some comic book themed pistols

These ones caught the attention of the hoplophobes....guns designed to look like the Nintendo Zapper

Sports team themed guns are popular, here are two more from the Northwest courtesy of Mad Custom Coating

Some Sci-Fi themed guns

The WWII bomber theme is still popular


I keep finding more of these Tiffany & Co pistols


This is a factory option from Charter Arms

These were given as gifts to a bridal party....only in Texas!

More LV guns...


leopard print

While the Hello Kitty themed rifles have been popular, this is the first Barbie themed one I have seen.

 Here is a Crusader themed gun from the guys at Metal EFX

And because Independence Day is coming up, here are some guns painted with Old Glory

Photo Credits:
Mad Custom Coating
Outlaw Custom Guns and Coatings
Custom Cerakote
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