Saturday, June 1, 2013

Guns I used to own

Every gun owner has stories of guns they once owned, many times the stories end with the phrase "I wish I hadn't sold that one...." I am the same way, I have owned a lot of guns over the last 20 years, some I still have, many I have sold or traded, I decided to chronicle some of the guns I no longer own.

I'll start at the beginning, the 1st gun I ever bought. A Marlin model 70 .22 rifle, semi-auto carbine. I paid $99 at Big 5 sporting goods (coupon deal).

for the record this is not my gun, but it looked exactly like this when I unboxed it. 

I added a pistol grip folding stock and then traded it off for some tires, I wish I would have kept it. (This is a picture of my gun as it looked when I traded it)

Next I bought this little gem, a Jennings J-22 in satin electroless nickel finish, nice little gun, It looked like a small PPK.  I paid $49.99 + tax, the gun would function with CCI stingers, but not much else. I wish I would have kept this one as well

 I stepped up and bought this beautiful Taurus Model 669 VR 357 Revolver. As you may know Taurus Revolvers are direct copies of S&W guns, as the two companies were once owned by Bangor Punta, the gun looked like a cross between the Colt Python and the model 66 S&W, it had really nice Brazillian hardwood grips. I sent the gun back to Taurus twice for timing issues, then sold it off. This is not the actual gun, for some reason I could not find any pictures of it. it was just like this, 6" barrel, stainless steel, same grips etc.

I bought this Marlin model 60 on a whim, price was right ($100), it came with a good scope and it looked like new, I ended up selling it so I could buy something else

I bought this gun in a 3-gun package deal that included a Ruger 10-22 (gave to my Dad as a gift), a Marlin bolt action .22 rifle (gave to my son as a gift) and this customized Steel Plate gun. The price was $425 for all 3, good deal! This is a S&W Model 10 with a custom DA only trigger job, custom bull barrel and BO-MAR sights...REALLY wish I had not sold this gun....

I had always wanted a Ruger Mark Pistol, I bought this from a guy I worked with, I gave it to my Dad when I got a 6" version of the same gun

This one I picked up along the way, a Ruger Mark II, it was kinda beat-up and needed rebluing, but I sold it to buy a stainless version

I had permission from the wife to buy myself a gun for my birthday one year, I searched gun stores all day and couldn't find anything that I wanted (that was also within my budget), later that day, on my way to a friends house I stopped in at a little gun store along Hwy 16 in Bremerton (not normally known for having low prices), I picked up this Hi-Point 9mm carbine for $180. It was very accurate and the BSA red dot scope was right on.
While shooting it once, the firing pin broke and one call to the company netted a new one under their lifetime warranty (we gun owners are extremely lucky to have such good customer service among the gun makers)
Anyway I sold it and used the money to buy a Kel-Tec Sub2000 that would accept Glock mags

  Here is the Sub2000 I replaced it with, I added a pictinney rail, the fore grip is actually a spare 10 round magazine that had a FAB defense floor plate that allowed it to be inverted and mounted to a picatinney rail, thus becoming a grip. The unique feature of these guns is that they fold in half for transport/storage

I bought a package deal, two shotguns for the price of one, one was a identical to a High Standard Supermatic that I already owned, the other was a Brazilian single shot that I customized (see my other post) I ended up selling both of them (at different times)

I had taken in another Jennings as part of a trade, this one was blued. Not near as pretty as the satin nickel...anyway I sold it a short time later

My Father has owned a Ruger Single Six since before I was born, I wanted one of my own, I got this very nice condition 3 Screw convertible (22 & 22 Mag) for $325 at the gun show. I ended up selling it because it was in too good of condition to be a shooter and I wanted something I could shoot often, a decision I now regret.

I bought this cause I wanted a cheap home defense shotgun, it is an NEF Pardner single shot 12 gauge, I cut the barrel & stock and added the accessories (see my other post about shotguns) and ended up selling it hoping to find a cheap pump shotgun

So I bought this High Standard 12 gauge pump, it had some issues. I fixed those issues and did some mods (again, see my shotgun post) the parts (especially stocks) are hard to find, so I sold it as well

I helped my Dad's friend settle the estate of an acquaintance by buying 3 guns, one of them was this High Standard Sentinel 9 shot 22 revolver. I sold it to a friend of my Dad's and have regretted it ever since. These guns featured a cast frame and steel barrel & cylinder, it was a little beat up but shot great, another one I regret selling.

I had money to buy a gun and didn't know what to buy, my local gun store had this on the shelf for a decent price, so I bought it. a Kel-Tec PLR 22 pistol, used AR-22 magazines, fun to shoot but not very practical, it came with a fake suppressor. My son was pretty good at bump-firing it. Like many .22 semi-autos it was picky on ammo

so I sold it to buy something else.

I bought this Remington 710 30-06 as a hunting gun, never did use it, so after putting my own Camo paint job on it I sold it

I bought this on a whim, at the time I thought I would start to build my collection with some collector guns (instead of shooters). I sold it when I need $ to buy another gun that I really wanted. I now wish I had not sold it.
Remington UMC model 51 in .380 ACP, the gun was made in 1927 and was in good condition, not sure what it was worth, but I sold it for more than I paid for it

I bought 3 guns from a friend who needed money, I ended up selling them back to him once he got his finances straightened away, here they are

An Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight 12 gauge, ex police gun, wish I could have kept this one:

Also got this CZ 50 in 32 ACP

the third gun was this very good condition Russian SKS

I bought this Winchester Model 94 30-30 at the gun show in Elma, the price was right ($275) and it needed my help, so I could not resist. Besides everyone needs a 30-30 lever gun, right?

After rebluing the metal and refinishing the wood (see my other post that shows it before & after), I sold the gun for a small profit.....wishing I would have kept it now. Should I find another good one, I promise myself I will hold on to it!

I bought this Ithaca/SKB side by side 12 gauge shotgun (it was part of a trade deal when my son sold his car), I decided to put it up for sale. A Cowboy Action Shooter really wanted it and he offered to trade me a Colt 357 Revolver for it.

This is the Colt 357, it was made in 1953 (1st year for a dbl action 357 from Colt) and was the predecessor to the Python & Trooper. It was in near mint condition, again not wanting to own a gun I was afraid to shoot, I traded it for a new AR-15...which I now think was stoooopid, but back then AR-15s were going for $1200+

I bought this S&W Model 629 44 Mag at the gun show for $400, I could not pass up the price. The hammer had a little corrosion from sitting in a holster for a long time, otherwise it just needed a polish. I traded this gun off, I wish I hadn't now. I would like to find another one, only a bit older version with the pinned barrel and recessed cylinder

I bought this with another little pocket gun, just as conversation pieces. This is a U.S. Revolver Co Safety Hammerless in 32 S&W, I sold it to get money for another gun, I guess I was not that attached to it

I bought this 4" Ruger Security Six from a guy on SGN, he said it was just a parts gun and that he had sent it to Ruger to have the timing fixed and they said it was not repairable. Well I knew I could fix it. I paid $200 for it. I fixed the gun by buying a used cylinder and spur gear off of Gun Broker. I then sold it to my neighbor for what I had into it

I bought this 10-22 Copy pistol from the gun show, not sure why. It is unique piece, made from stainless steel, it had a threaded barrel and a custom stock (modified ATI Drugonov). Interestingly it was built by Olympic Arms in Olympia WA, they quit production after Ruger sent threatening letters. All of the data on these was lost when Oly Arms had a fire

I sold this Revelation 12 gauge (Mossberg 500) when I found a screaming deal on a new Mossberg 500 8 shot model

I bought this Springfield Armory 1911-A1 N.M model at the gun show in Monroe about 10 years ago, I didn't shoot it much and really wanted a Ruger SR1911, so I sold it

I took this 10-22 Tactical rifle in on trade, I didn't need another 10-22, so I sold it to get money to buy another gun

I had always wanted an "old school" muzzle loader and I bought this from a neighbor. It was in pretty good shape. I ended up trading it for a pre-64 Winchester Model 94 in 30-30 (replacing the one I sold earlier)