Thursday, May 23, 2013


I bought a shotgun at the gun show for $40, it was a Western Auto "Revelation" model, which those in the know understand this was a Mossberg 500 brand labeled for the Western Auto Supply stores.....back in the day when you could get a gun at the auto parts store, kick ass!

Anyway, it was rusty and had a broken trigger group, the plastic tabs that hold the front of the trigger group in place were broken, otherwise it was sound.
Here is what it looked like when I brought it home
I had wanted to build a zombie gun, so I figured this was a perfect opportunity. After installing a new trigger group. I cut the barrel to 19.5" (had to cut at the end of one of the vent rib slots + meet the 26" Over All Length (OAL) min), added a Hogue Zombie Pistol grip stock set and some zombie response team stickers:

Speaking of zombies, I also made a cool stencil on my wife's Silhouette machine for my ammo cans:

I eventually sold the Revelation shotgun and replaced it with a NIB Mossberg 500 8-shot model