Wednesday, May 22, 2013

more projects

Another project, this was a quick reblue, the customer stripped and cleaned the gun, it came out decent, I spent a little bit of time polishing it, but I would have liked to have done more.

A Marlin 9mm Camp Carbine

So I polished up the reciever a bit

 Here it is after the bluing

Before & After

At the same time we did a quick polish and reblue on a Winchester Model 60 .22 Single shot, here it is before buffing, this is a 600 grit finish:

 After polishing:

 and after bluing

Here is a before and after comparison

A friend asked me to help him put a custom high polish finish on his 1911, I was excited, until I found out it was a Norinco. No offense to anyone who owns one, but to me it is sacrilege to own America's finest handgun that is made in China.

Here is what it looked like before we started, he wanted high polish on the sides and back and a rough texture on the bottom, front and top.

He wanted it to look like one of these Les Baer Customs, I'm no Les Baer, but I will give it my best shot

This one was pretty straight forward, no pitting, just naval jelly to remove the old finish, clean and sand with 320 then 600 grit, then some polishing on the buffer

After dis-assembly, we polished the sides, taped them off and sand blasted the rest of the frame & slide

Here it is completed, turned out really nice, he sandblasted the top, bottom and front to get a two-tone look:

My buddy who built the bluing tank had a Sig P226 that needed some attention. the finish on the slide had some rust and pitting, he tried to clean it up with some oil & steel wool, no go, it was too far gone.

So we then tried our hand at parkerizing. It turned out OK, but was not as dark as we wanted. So he sand blasted it and we reblued the slide and barrel. Here is a before and after shot

The barrel and hammer have extra nickel in the steel, they end up turning a purple color:

 Here is a before & after shot

Here is a different project, I had this Remington model 710 Rifle that had an ugly gray synthetic stock

  I wanted something in Camo, but didn't want to spend big $ on a hydro-dip or new stock. I bought some Krylon Fusion camo paint, cut some Cedar tree branches and went to town, I think it turned out pretty good:

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