Friday, February 28, 2020

Guest Post: Making a gun case from an old table

We haven't done a guest post in a while, this past Christmas one of our local forum members built a custom pistol case from an old beat up table that he wanted to get rid of.
I post his pictures and his words below.....enjoy!

Had an old table in the garage, it was so beat up, Goodwill wouldn't take it. So I harvested it for wood to build a pistol case for my son for Christmas. Here is the table in various degrees of disassembly

First step was to lay out the pistol and accessories to size the case. This is a S&W 629 with a 6" barrel

Then I cut, mitered and assembled the sides of the case

Next step was to cut the bottom and top to size. Since the table was a veneered hardwood, each cut edge had to be re-veneered to cover the base wood. I used the table saw to skin some veneer pieces of the table

Glued the veneer on the cut edges of the sides and top. Attached the top with hinges and latches.

Used some scrap wood to build some partitions for the pistol accessories

Cut a piece of plywood to the shape of the main compartment. Used spray adhesive to attach foam to the plywood, and then carved out the foam to accept the revolver. Covered the foam in black velvet.

Last step was to add an engraved plaque to the inside of the top

Here is the finished case with the pistol and accessories

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