Friday, September 13, 2019

Theme Guns IX

This first one has been described by the owner of Shark Coast Tactical as possibly being their masterpiece. A Desert Eagle dedicated to Deadpool. Check out the detail on this

Here are a couple of Disney themed Colt Vest Pockets


Harley Davidson

This one is from Tom's Custom  Guns

A couple of John Deere rifles

Some Sport Team themes...

The Ohio State from Valkyrie Combat

A tribute to the Crimson Tide from BattleTech Armory

Of course no theme gun post would be complete without some Tiffany themed pistols....This first one is from Rocky Mountain Tactical Coatings

I like the grips on this one from Coatings USA

This Joker themed AR is from the folks at Blackout Custom Cerakote

Some more Star Wars themed guns

Special Thanks to Cerakote Coatings

The above pictures were found freely on the world wide web and are used as entertainment and education under the guise of the Fair Use clause under U.S. Code Title 18. Where possible the owners or sources have been cited.

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