Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Few Refinishing Projects

February is a short month and I have a few projects that barely fill a post, some of these I forgot to take adequate pictures, some were just quick, small projects.

So I decided to combine them and post them here in one long post.

This first one is a Remington 700 that a guy wanted to refinish for this Father as a gift

barreled action before

I stripped the parts off of the rifle and removed the old finish with some naval jelly

Then I started sanding with 100 grit sand paper

Working my way up to 600 grit

The small parts come next

Then blued  them, this project was from a few years back, before I learned how to take a decent picture

The rifle reassembled

This second one is a older Glenfield model 75. Made in the old New Haven plant. The exact year is not known as it has no serial number, but we know it was before 1969 when Marlin moved their operations to North Haven and before the provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968 which required individual serial numbers. This could have been made anywhere from 1960 to 1969.
The model 75 was the carbine version of the model 60, having an 18" barrel and much shorter tube magazine. Rumor has it that any model 60 barrels and magazine tubes that were damaged or didn't pass muster with Q.C. were shortened and turned into model 75s.

The owner tried to touch up a spot with a Birchwood-Casey "Gun Blue Pen"

Then he tried to strip it and reblue it with Blue Wonder cold blue

The spots he touched up with the pen would not come off and would not take the cold blueing either....this left his rifle with a splotchy appearance.

I told him to bring it to me and I'll make it look new again. Like a dummy, I forgot to snap some pictures before disassembling the gun.

I stripped, polished and reblued the steel parts

I repainted the receiver and front sight base with RustOLeum textured flat black

I also added some dayglow orange to the front sight

The finished product

This is a Winchester model 70 Featherweight in 308, was another rifle that needed complete refinishing. The owner handled the wood, while I reblued the steel parts.

Here are the before pictures:

The receivers on these guns had a matte, glass beaded finish. I had to buy special glass beads with just the right grit size to make it look like original again....

Meanwhile the owner refinished the walnut stock

I forgot to snap some good pictures of the parts after I blued them, but the owner posted some pics of the rifle after he put it back together.

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