Saturday, April 10, 2021

Restoring yet another Remington 512 Sportmaster Part 2

If you missed part one, click here

First step is disassembly, you can see the color case hardening on the bolt and safety are still in very good shape

ready for cleaning 

Some of these parts will be re-installed as is, the color case is intact

As it is on the trigger guard screws

The rear sight was in really good shape, after cleaning I could not see anything wrong with them, so we will put them back on the way they are 

Cleaning the receiver. It is important to get the oil and grease out so I don't contaminate the blueing solution.

I started on the barrel first, it only took a couple of hours to get it perfect, no pitting, just some small dings. This is a 600 grit finish

The parts are polished and ready for the bluing tank

And fresh out of the oil tank after being blued

Before reassembly, I paint the ready-fire indicators on the receiver and firing pin protrusion, with some Testors enamel model paint

Stay tuned for part 3

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