Thursday, April 21, 2016

10/22 Magazine Review: High Tower Armory RM25

When I first heard about the High Tower Armory RM25 magazine...I thought "another magazine maker, late to the party", but after watching the video I was intrigued...intrigued enough to order one up.

The price on the High Tower website was $29.99, but I noticed a coupon code box, a quick Google search netted me a two coupon code deal from Slick, I got the magazine for $17.99 and free shipping!

  • Fiber reinforced polymer construction
  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Steel feed lips with Nitride coating
  • 25 round capacity
  • Removable windows with round count markers
  • Quick reload mode 
  • Molded in four colors (Black, FDE, Desert Tan and OD)
  • Made in USA

Price Point: MSRP $29.99

First Impressions: The packaging was sufficient, and re-usable. The bag was the "zip-lock" type, a trend I have been seeing a lot of among gun parts makers and one that I like. I know it is a silly thing to dwell on, but I like reusable packaging...

The instructions were more than adequate and included a parts diagram.
The packaging was also clearly labeled "made in USA" something I look for in everything I buy.
The magazine has a nice heft to it, and it appears as though the designers took the Ruger BX25 magazine and added Magpul PMag features to it. 

If Magpul was planning on making a 10/22 magazine (they recently began producing 10/22 stocks, so who knows?) I think High Tower may have beaten them to the punch.

For the record I am fitting these into my 2008 vintage 10/22 with the ATI stock, Ruger used these stocks as a factory option and I have yet to have any issues with the stock or the standard BX25 magazines I have been using in it.

The magazine fit into the mag well easily, very little resistance. Their is a complete absence of side to side and front to back play. You'd think hat this magazine was made by Ruger themselves, I don't think it could fit better  

 As promised no "tools" are needed to disassemble the RM25, although you will need something to depress the magazine floor plate keeper. 
I used a ball point pen, but the designers made the hole big enough that you could use the bullet end of a .22 cartridge.

The parts came apart pretty easily. I was impressed by the gauge of the plastic and the "hefty" feel of the magazine.

The second orange follower nub is longer so you can use it to load the magazine (with the window removed). Also the windows are identical and can be swapped from side to side.

This video shows the disassembly/reassembly process and how to use the quick reload feature

Loading the magazine was simple and quick, just like the Ruger's BX-25. I did not remove the windows and install the follower with the loading knob, I wanted to test function the magazine first.

This magazine was impeccable, no malfunctions whatsoever. I pulled the trigger as fast as I could as well as some slow aimed fire...nothing tripped up this magazine.

We also tried the magazine in our new 10/22 take-down model with the same results.

The ammo used was Federal Champion bulk ammo (36gr copper plated HP, 1260fps), CCI Minimag (40gr copper plated RN, 1235fps) and Remington Golden Bullet (40gr copper plated RN, 1255fps)

Perfect fit, flawless function, good price, easy disassembly...

I could not find a single thing wrong with this magazine, it definitely is worth checking out.

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