Friday, February 19, 2016

The M1903A3 Project part 3

This is the 3rd and final installment of this build, see parts One and Two

I removed the metal parts from the old stock, here you can see the difference between the scant & straight stock. You can also see where the previous caretakers cut the stock at the front band and rounded the corner. Had they not rounded the corner a restoration of the stock might have been an easy fix.

Now is a good time to clean the parts, I was surprised how clean the mag well was, I did find some un-burned powder in the trigger guard recess though.

I had to remove the front sight blade to get the barrel bands and hand guard ring on.

Everything fit as it did on the original stock

With the handguard in place it was time to put the bands on. The rear band is held in place by the spring

The front band looks battle worn, which is OK by me

 The bayonet lug/collar fit good, but the screw would not thread in, I suspect the hole in the stock may need to be drilled out. I'll investigate this later.

I followed the instructions on the CMP's website for the proper installation of the 1907 sling.

You can see the handguard from Greece is a pretty close match.

and here it is complete

 and as always a before and after comparison:


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