Sunday, August 27, 2017

Making a Pistol Display Box 3rd Attempt

This 2nd box will be for a Snub Nose revolver. I am using my Ruger SP101 as a template, if the SP101 will fit so will other small frame snub nose revolvers. I am taking a different approach with this one. I will build dividers and cover them with velvet material. They call this an English style, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries fine English Double Rifles, Shotguns and Target Pistols came in boxes like these:

The box is the same as the other maple box that I built  before.

The dividers are 1-3/4" x 1/4" Hemlock

Trial fitting the SP101 in the box to see where the dividers should go

The first dividers I cut didn't work well, the lower compartment is too small to use for anything. So I revised them

I cut a corner piece from solid oak, then drilled holes for 10 cartridges. The .38 Special & .357 Magnum cartridges are .379" in diameter, so I wanted to drill the holes just a tad larger, a 25/64 drill bit is perfect (.3906" diameter) 

I didn't get the holes lined up perfectly with the angle of the wood.....

I am using the same blue velvet material I used on the last display box (see that build here)
We (I enlisted the help of the wife) cut pieces of paper and fit them first, then transferred the templates to the fabric

Then I install the brass hinges

Finished, 10 rounds of .357 JHP and a cleaning kit accompany the Ruger SP101

Here is the cleaning kit opened up, I was going to buy a brass cleaning rod (with a loop for patches), but I found this kit on ebay for cheap and it has everything you need except the solvent

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