Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Interesting Firearm Photos IX

A sniper of the 6th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment outside his post on the front line. It was taken by Second Lieutenant Davis McLellan on 6 February 1918 near Cambrin, in France.

An interesting place to keep your MP5

WWII, A Japanese soldier inspects a captured Springfield 1903 rifle abandoned near Bataan
U.S. Civil War mortars

A Sheriff's Deputy in Colorado stopped a criminal who was shooting at them, by shooting a bullet right down the barrel of the criminals gun. 

A small rimfire gun disguised as a lighter

A Sten gun factory during WWII

The Heckler & Koch HK XM29 OICW prototype, it fires a 5.56 NATO bullet from its lower barrel and a 20x28mm air bursting grenades from its upper barrel

This is supposedly a picture of a German MG42 Machine gun bunker at Omaha Beach 1944

Awesome behind-the-scenes pic of Chloƫ Grace-Moretz, during the filming of Kick Ass 2

Over the body of a dead comrade, Canadian infantrymen advance cautiously up a narrow lane in Campochiaro, Italy, on Nov. 11, 1943. The Germans left the town as the Canadians advanced, leaving only nests of snipers to delay the progress.

Students and faculty duck for cover during the 13 seconds of gun fire at the Kent State Protest, May 4th, 1970

Soviet Women Snipers defending the motherland, 1943

Marina Amaral
Military History Now 
US News 
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Twitter Kick Ass Sequel 

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