Monday, March 13, 2017

10/22 Upgrades

I have some new stuff to share with you . Some of these items are new, some are new to me. None of these were covered in our post last year.

One of the new products introduced in 2016 is the BX25 Clear magazine from Ruger. This is a standard BX-25 magazine, with one side made of translucent plastic so you can check how many cartridges you have left.

And in case you were wondering, you can dye them like the 10 round models

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Are you looking for a tactical wood stock, but don't want to shell out a $400+ for an original Ram-line?
Rhineland Arms has what you desire, their walnut Para stock comes unfinished with the option of mounts for an AR stock trunion, a Butler Creek folder or an ACE side folding mechanism. The best part is the price, $55-$66 depending on options

If you have one of the Rhineland Arms stocks or a similar stock that uses an AR type grip, you may be able to fix the unsightly gap between the AR grip and the trigger guard by using this Gapper from Nordic Components

Here is a set of tactical inspired sights for your 10/22 Tacical model from Trueshot Technologies

Another option for an aftermarket 10/22 receivers is now available from Feddersen ( They are constructed from a Bronze-Nickel Alloy and would be perfect on my 10/22 Spencer Project...well except for the modern looking picatinney rail.

Here is a custom made extended bolt handle from one of the member of the Rimfire Central Forum. The builder used a Choate "Combat Bolt Handle" for a Mossberg 930 shotgun (orientated upside down) he cut a slot in the Ruger bolt handle and welded them together.

There are almost as many different bolt buffers for 10/22s as there are stocks, this one from Sub-Silent Suppressors is a departure from the usual fare. It is a gel filled buffer to keep the noise to a minimum.

TacStar is now offering their 10/22 Adaptive Tactical Stock in some new colors, the pattern is called "Ston" and comes in Coyote (tan), Moss (green/yellow), Lava (red) and Cobalt (blue).

Tandomkross offers this handy titanium thumb screw to replace your take down screw. The slot is large enough to use a quarter as a screwdriver, in the event you tightened it a little too much for your fingers to loosen it.

If you don't care for the aftermarket extended magazine releases, you could make your own using epoxy putty.

See the story on Rimfire Central


If you are a tall shooter and need a longer length of pull, you can add some extra length with this extended butt pad, available from Area 51 Tactical

Here is an affordable option for replacing your 10/22 stock, the PMACA 10/22 Lightweight Chassis is machined from 6061-T6 Billet aluminum and accepts AR grips and butt stocks. Several color and size options are available and the price is more than reasonable, see them here

Want to add "that shoulder thing that goes up" to your 10/22? Sun Optics can help with their ventilated, picatinney equipped barrel shroud. Optics Planet has them.

Magpul recently announced its new Backpacker X-22 stock for the Ruger 10/22 Take Down model, it has some interesting features including storage compartments and a barrel/forearm storage system

Here is another DIY mod, you can stiple your factory butt plate to provide better gription..

Atomic Arms is now offering 24k gold plated accessories for your 10/22 build

Another unique item is this "Smart Lever" it both releases your magazine (pushing forward)  and locks the bolt open (pulling rearward). See them on the Rude Fat Dog website

AGP arms is offering this kit to convert your standard 10/22 to a take-down model, see it here

 They also offer a folding stock that fits both standard and take-down models, see them here

Looking for a unique bolt charging handle? These are made by a guy who goes by the screen name "Red Mist Maker" and are available from

Tactical Machining has entered the 10/22 receiver market, they had a review of their TM-22 receiver done on Major Pandemic, but the item is not currently listed on their website

Stockys Eliminator thumb-hole stock comes in left hand, right hand, satin, gloss and in a wide variety of colors, see them here

Here is something completely different, turn your 10/22 rifle into an arrow launcher with this LaRue Tactical Ruger 10-22 Deluxe Arrow Conversion Kit

Another stock option for your 10/22, this one a bullpup design from J Bunting Machine, see them here

Another DIY trick, this guy took a cheap knurled handle from a punch and welded it to his stock charging handle.