Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Theme Guns III

Another batch of Theme Guns, if you missed the first two installments, you can see them here and here

This Redskins themed gun was spotted by a leftist spy at a gun show, Time Magazine got a hold of the story and asked the NFL if they licensed it....stooopid question...of course they didn't.....aaaannnnd this is why we don't allow cameras at our gun shows....

Not to be outdone a Carolina Panthers fan commissioned this custom Glock

I'm guessing this is NOT Ray Finkle's Glock....LACES OUT DAN!

Sig Arms has produced a number of themed guns, below are just a few of them, we thank our friends at The Firearm Blog for the pics.

 King Tutankhamun

 Zeus, the King of the Greek Gods
 Alexander the Great
 The Samurai
 The Tomahawk
 The Scorpion
They call this last one "The Arctic", I'm diggin' the ice blue grip panels

I was not at all surprised to see a Deadpool themed gun...

Some more superhero themed guns, these ones are based on Iron Man  

How about one inspired by artist Jackson Pollack?

 A Viking themed AR rifle from the guys at 7.62 Precision

A Medical inspired design

Yet another Star Wars themed gun

and another

and some more

Another theme that continues to be popular is the John Deere

I'm sure this drew the ire of the hoplophobes....

 A Marine themed Glock....I'd bet Gunny would like to have this one.

Two 1911 pistols based on the movie Scarface, the monogram is of course that of Tony Montana.

The Bomber theme is still popular

The introduction of the custom lower AR15 receiver, known as the "Hellbreaker" by Sharp's Bros no doubt helped, here are a few based on their product

Of all the bomber themed guns I have seen, this one is my favorite, check out the detail on this one!

Another Sharp's Bros offering, this skeleton themed lower receiver is called "The Jack"

How about a Wile E. Coyote .50 BMG rifle? (manufactured by Acme Corp. of Walla Walla, WA of course).

The USA flag theme continues to be popular

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