Friday, October 14, 2016

Interesting Firearm Photos II

Walloon Lake, Michigan, summer 1904. Ernest Miller Hemingway (the famous author) at the age of 5, with his first gun, an air rifle

The very first Kalashnikov Rifle, the AK 46 prototype

January 7th 1973, A police sharpshooter is looking for a clear shot of the Howard Johnson Sniper, who was hiding in the concrete block house at the far end of the roof of the hotel.

Another example of life imitating art....the comic below is from 1949, looks eerily similar to the photo above


A gun disguised as a pocket watch

If you haven't seen this must be new, for it is legendary....check out the cartridges in the magazine...they are backwards

Something small can sometimes change the World. These parts were hand carved from wood by a young Samuel Colt, this of course led to the first Colt revolver.

A bad kaboom.....remember if you hear click but no bang, check the bore before firing another round...

A USMC sniper engages a distant enemy with a Winchester Model 70 rifle from a tree line somewhere in South Vietnam, circa 1966

An ad for a Forehand and Wadsworth revolver....circa 1885, in today's dollars the $1.55 price would equate to roughly $24

An IRA pamphlet warning of the need for secrecy

Winchester guns

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