Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The 10/22 Target Rifle Project part 5: The Scope

I bought this generic rimfire scope (nearly identical to my Tasco scope I installed on my Savage Model 93 Varmint Sniper Project).
It has a lighted recticle that lights up in red or green, a 50mm objective and 6-24 power adjustable magnification.

While I was at it I bought this sun shade for a few bucks

I didn't want a black scope on my white and silver rifle, but the silver version of this scope was nearly double the price, so I decided to buy the black one and paint it silver myself. 

For the paint I chose Rustoleum Silver Metallic. Based on this guy's tests, it seemed like a decent paint and it was affordable at just $3.95 a can.
One thing you have to consider when painting a scope is what to do about the letters and numbers. On this scope the stampings are pretty shallow, so color filling the standard way (paint the area and wipe the high spots, leaving the low spots filled with paint) may not work.

I removed the sun shade and end trim along with the turret covers. I then taped up the lenses and the other parts I didn't want painted. This scope (as many of the newer ones are) is coated in some sort of teflon like, non-stick coating.....the tape didn't want to stick to it.

After a few light coats I removed the tape and re-assembled the scope

I then turned my attention to the aluminum and stainless scope mounts, before:
and after:

After looking at the scope I decided against attempting to fill the letters in with color, I can read the numbers just fine.

Also just a side note.....when I opened the scope mount packaging I noticed there were only four of the eight screws needed to hold down the upper clamps. I sent an email off to Weaver. They sent four more screws right away without question.