Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Custom Mauser Sporter

Another Rifle build by a local forum member. Tom (who goes by the screen name (cruffler) built this beautiful Mauser sporter a few years back when he lived in Hawaii.

He started with a bare 1908 Brazilian Mauser action (he tells me that no original military rifles were harmed in the making of this sporter rifle...). 
He purchased a barrel (chambered in 6.5 x 55mm) from Midway USA as well as the Fajen stock.

The stock was semi-inletted, so Tom had to fit it to the barreled action. 

He had some help with the bolt work (bending/welding the handle).

There was of course the task of installing the barrel & checking the head space.

Drill and tap for the rear peep sight, install the front sight band.

Then there was the metal, to clean up the action he used a flat diamond stone. As you can see he did an outstanding job, the roll marks and stamps appear as new.

Then he had to rust blue all the metal parts and finish the stock in a gorgeous satin finish.

The pictures tell the story, see them below, remember to click on them for larger versions (you can see the originals here)